Free Email Marketing Software

Posted on Tuesday, March 14th, 2017 by Doug

Free or Trial Version?

There are a number of companies that advertise free email marketing software.However, most of these offer a trial version that allows you to use their service for a short while, and after the trial period, bill you monthly or annually to continue the service.

These temporarily free software services require you to pay an additional rate in order to store contacts from a subscribe form that they provide. And, they do not allow you to use purchased mailing lists.

Use Your Own Email Service

Free email marketing software, in the truest sense, is software that allows you to manage your mailing list at no cost and send email newsletters using whatever email service you desire. Email marketing software is only free if the client software allows you to use your own email service.

For example, Email Marketing Pro provides free email marketing by allowing you to connect to your favorite email service. If your business is just starting out, you can choose to use GMail, Live, Yahoo, or your web host’s email service to send newsletters to your subscribers.

This free email marketing software provides the client-side marketing functions of storing contacts, managing subscriptions, and sending professional emails to email servers. No monthly subscription is required to perform these functions and all of your company data is stored safely on your own PC.

The job of actually sending the email, however, depends on the mail server, which is configured in the outgoing mail settings. This allows you a great deal of flexibility. For example, you could actually send an opt-in landing page to a purchased mailing list using a bulk email sending service and then switch to your own mail server.

A Cost-Effective Approach

The job of sending marketing emails can be accomplished using  accomplished using software such as Email Marketing Pro and a bulk email sending service such as Turbo SMTP at This will end up being a much more cost-effective approach. Compare, for example, the $20/month fee charged by Constant Contact, versus the $.01 per 1000 emails charged by services that only send email and do not store and manage your contacts.

You can also use your company’s mail server, but be careful of one thing: make sure to “warm up” the mail server by starting out with small mailings. Then, slowly increase the volume of emails sent. Also, it’s a good idea to segment your transactional email from your bulk email.

So, should you go with an email marketing service that requires you to pay monthly for additional bells and whistles? Or, go with software that requires only a one-time fee for the full version.