How To Collect Email Addresses

Posted on Tuesday, January 31st, 2017 by Doug

collect email addresses

According to the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing is alive and well; in fact, it earns $38 for every $1 spent when done the right way.

That’s not to say that significant challenges don’t exist. One barrier to effective email marketing can be a lack of strategy and consistency. In this article, I’ll highlight five ways to collect email addresses that can enhance your overall strategy.

1. Offer Something For Free

The very definition of marketing is to offer something of value in order to receive something of value in return. So, whether your’e collecting email addresses on your website, or in your store with a sign-up form, the strategy remains the same — offer something for free in order to get an email address, and you can be assured that you’ve won an engaged, returning website visitor or customer.

Once your email recipient has received his free ebook, download, or product sample, redirect that happy person to a page on your website that offers a paid version of the information or product they are seeking. For example, let’s say you sell monthly subscriptions to fresh-roasted coffee.  You could entice them into receiving a free sample by simply entering their information.

2. Offer a Discount

If you run an eCommerce store, then your strategy may be to retain loyal customers and provide them with special offers specific to their interests, on a frequent basis. So, why not provide them with a special offer at the start, rather than waiting for them to receive your marketing email?

Companies that offer 15% off your first purchase, depending on what they sell, may in effect be paying anywhere from $10-$150 dollars just to have your email address.  But, the return can be well worth the cost. While you may sacrifice some of your profits in the first sell, you’ve gained a happy customer and a valued spot in their inbox.

3. Offer Information

Have you done research that may appeal to your target market? Consumers are certainly more than willing to give up their email address in exchange for information that provides them with a solution to a problem or with more data about a subject they’re interested in., for example, provides a free eBook on how to be more success ful in Search Engine Marketing — and for good reason — they can also help you with it for a fee.

4. Create a Facebook ad, PPC ad, and a Landing Page

A landing page is a page on your website designed specifically for capturing leads. To create a lead page, simply use your existing website template, and add a subscribe form like the one provided by Email Marketing Professional. When the web visitor enters their email address, the subscribe form will record their address and then redirect them to a download or special offer.

5. Offer a Service They Have To Register For

Have you ever considered offering a service or app that your target market must register to use? For example, a popular website in North Carolina requires manufacturing companies to register in order to list their company in a directory of manufacturers.

In return, the website receives valuable data about their target market and is able to send them timely newsletters with special offers. For very little money, you may be able to offer a social site, directory, or useful service to your tarket market, and in return, build your email list. Just make sure they understand that by signing up for the service that they agree to receive your newsletter.